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We started this company in 2020 to support the local beekeepers and community in the Derwent Valley. Welcome to Derwent Valley Honey. We provide educational courses to anybody who is interested in taking them because we think that protecting the environment is vital for all of us. In addition to hosting open-to-all social events, we sell extra honey produced by Derwent Valley amateur beekeepers.

Derwent Valley Honey Bee Keeping for Beginner's Course 2023

Although specifically created for Tasmania, this course can be used throughout the rest of Australia.

Beginning on Monday, September 18, 2023, and continuing every Monday through to Monday, November 13, 2023, Derwent Valley Honey will provide a beekeeping for beginner’s course.

The course consists of ten sessions, with the last session being a practical that is weather-dependent and held during the day and can be completed either independently or in a group. Together, we will choose a time and date for this that best suits your availability.

Course times will be 07:00pm to 09:00pm each Monday at the New Norfolk Library for nine weeks.

To book and pay for the course please go to HERE and fill in the student enrolment form. 

Derwent Valley Labor Hire

We provide the following service to people who have not taken a beekeeping course with us and are not a part of the mentorship group.

We now provide labor hire services to aid you if you need assistance with managing and maintaining your beehives and honey. You are responsible for any costs and required equipment.

An hourly cost and a fuel excise will be charged to you.

Labor hire is $40 per hour, Fuel is $10 to $50 (distance related)


Derwent Valley Honey retains the cappings and half of the crop if we help you or process and or extract your honey using our machinery.

Please fill in the form below to make a booking

The time and date might vary due to weather, we’ll let you know if this occurs.



Can be used in cooking to give a nice spicy taste to the meal


Goes well in a cup of tea to help with sore throats


Great for stir-fry’s and cooking


Tasmania leatherwood straight from the hive


Prickly box honey taste good all year round


Taste great on crumpets or pancakes 

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