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Our Sticky Story

We started this company in 2020 to support the local beekeepers and community in the Derwent Valley. Welcome to Derwent Valley Honey. We provide educational courses to anybody who is interested in taking them because we think that protecting the environment is vital for all of us. In addition to hosting open-to-all social events, we sell extra honey produced by Derwent Valley amateur beekeepers.

Derwent Valley Labor Hire

We provide the following service to people who have not taken a beekeeping course with us and are not a part of the mentorship group.

We now provide labor hire services to aid you if you need assistance with managing and maintaining your beehives and honey. You are responsible for any costs and required equipment.

An hourly cost and a fuel excise will be charged to you.

Labor hire is $40 per hour, Fuel is $10 to $50 (distance related)


Derwent Valley Honey retains the cappings and half of the crop if we help you or process and or extract your honey using our machinery.

Please fill in the form below to make a booking

The time and date might vary due to weather, we’ll let you know if this occurs.



Can be used in cooking to give a nice spicy taste to the meal


Goes well in a cup of tea to help with sore throats


Great for stir-fry’s and cooking


Tasmania leatherwood straight from the hive


Prickly box honey taste good all year round


Taste great on crumpets or pancakes 

Welcome to the Derwent Valley beekeepers social club.

A group of bee enthusiast from the Derwent Valley Tasmania started the club in 2022.

Derwent Valley Honey hosts social gatherings and educational sessions for people interested in beekeeping in the Derwent Valley community. The aim is to educate and support beekeepers in the valley in a friendly social environment. 

A small fee is charged to cover the cost of hosting these events allowing for the provision of food, venue hire and any other costs incurred, and everyone is welcome to attend.

Learning Bee-gins Here


Beekeeping is amazing, but getting started can be a challenging journey!

The first year is crucial – and with lots to learn, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There’s so much conflicting advice available, and sometimes it’s incorrect.

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